We come from a school in Sweden called Ljungviksskolan near Gothenburg.

In our crazy class we have 28 students, 14 boys and 14 girls. We have got a mission from our teacher to send a travel bug out in the world. We have chosen some special places in the world to send our travel bug.

And we want our mini boxie to travel to these countries and cities: Los Angeles (as near as possible to the Hollywood sign), Buckingham palace in London, Barcelona in Spain – Park Guell as near the lizard as possible, Time square in New York, Berlin in Germany and the famous city Tokyo in Japan.

It would be amazing if our TB came to these places because we would like to travel to these countries but for some of us that is not possible and it would be so cool if an object could travel around the world . It would be interesting to se and track our TB and see where it is on the map.

The TB that we have chosen is a Mini Box and if you find it we want you to take a picture of the mini box and post it in on our blog, here is the link: http://grupp6.lju47a.se/?page_id=306



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