We are team TFA and are from Ljungviksskolan (Ljungviksschool) in Sweden, gråbo (grabo) close to Gothenburg. We got a mission from our teacher that we should send a travel bug to 7 countries. Our travel bug is a moomin, and we have given our moomin the name TFA moomin. 🙂 We want to send our travel bug to:

– Moskva in Russia, outside the airport.

– Whasington D.C in U.S, outside the White House, gladly with a selfie with president Barack Obama.

– Mont Blanc in France, outside some of the Gates.

– Berlin in Germany, you can set the travel bug what you want but gladly close to the airport.

– Barcelona in Spain, you can put the travel bug where you want but in Barcelona.

– Crete in Greece, close to the beach.

– São Paulo in Brazil, outside São Paulos Stadium there World champion ship 2014 was.


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